Our story

Over 40,000 agencies trust us throughout World. Since 2007, we have taken the utmost care in setting-up real estate agency windows in order for this first line communication tool to be as efficient as possible.


VitrineMedia, the first French company to produce and market its’ display solutions using with its first Crystal line built around CCFL technology (precursor to LED technology) is founded. This new technology destined for real estate agencies, features 2000 Lux light intensity and a unique esthetic (slim display screen).


VitrineMedia launches its VitrineMedia Display System (VDS), a patented display system operated through a “plug and play” electric rail which allows you to create modern, dynamic and esthetically pleasing window displays. The VDS system combines both the power functions and fixtures into a single unit using only one power supply per window display. This revolutionary technology also features a much sought-after esthetic appeal: an oval-shaped brushed aluminium rail!

The first official company website is launched, featuring an original design (alternating day to night background).


With already over 2000 clients, VitrineMedia becomes the undeniable leader in window display systems for real estate agencies.

VitrineMedia develops two new lines: « Wall Format » which can be mounted to the wall in the same way as a mural (and not suspended on cables) and “Initial” which casts aside the former transparent plexiglass borders; a new design which takes-up minimal space.

The VM Window Editor application is launched on the web, it allows real estate agents to create their posters using templates created by a graphic designer.


The sector diversification is underway with new clients from various industries such as automobile retailers, travel agencies… in France but also throughout Europe where VitrineMedia starts to develop its distribution network.

VitrineMedia switches to LED technology (more powerful, longer product life, reduced energy consumption) with the ‘LED Max 100’which offer a 2500 lux light intensity. At the same time, two new product lines appear: the ‘C2 Max’ (inherited from the Crystal line) and the ‘I Max’ (inherited from the Initial line).

The VM Plan application is launched on the web and allows you to simulate your window set-up by choosing display panels. The new version of the official company website is officially inaugurated.


The VM Dynamics line (LCD totem and touch-screen table) is added to the catalogue.

The LED ‘Max 500’ is now a custom feature of the display panels. More LED, more power.


VitrineMedia sets-up its own production line in Asia, ensuring full control over conception, production, distribution and installation. Faced with the growing demand for LED products, VM launches a new product line: ‘VM One’ which allows you to mix different formats onto one column, creating a window displays always more beautiful than the last.

A new patented display method is introduced for C2 Max and I Max models; a tilted display style on cables specifically requested by our Scandinavian clients (and later made available to all our clients).

VitrineMedia creates the ‘Initial Stand-Up’ product line designed specifically for one of France’s biggest real estate networks; the line transforms the networks’ totems by equipping them with display panels.

In parallel, all the product lines are renewed with LED Max 1000 which reaches up to 5000 Lux in light intensity.

Germany and Italy join the European expansion.

The first retail website is launched in order to complement the companys’ website and support our international growth.


In order to always better serve our clients in all sectors and all over Europe, VitrineMedia solidifies its’ financial capital thanks to support from the Groupe Siparex, leading French independent capital investor, as well as the Banque Publique d’Investissement, via OSEO. A new factory is inaugurated: featuring a larger space and with a stronger R&D department.

VitrineMedia launches two new product lines : « VM Budget » a cost controlled display panel; and the “VM Mobile Stand” the all-in-one solution offering independence and ease with no installation required thanks to its’ steel rods replacing the traditional cables.

Japan steps onto the stage as a new promising market.


Two new product lines are launched: “VM FNAIM” a display panel made specifically for the FNAIM network in France. Estethiticaly pleasing, modular, and simple to intstal: an all-in-one solution. Another major VitirineMedia development on the horizon!

A branch is created in Australia : VM Australia is born.

Le Japon est aussi à l'honneur avec l'ouverture de ce marché prometteur.

In parallel, the retail website is reworked with a new look as well as new VM Window Editor and VM Plan applications - both available in multiple languages allowing you to shop for the exact dimensions of your window display. A blog also makes its’ debut online.

Our pledge

How will you make a difference?

To grow your business and adapt, you must be commit every day, whether it’s to keep in contact with your clients, or to find new ways of communicating within your market.

Furthermore, our main objective is to allow you to communicate efficiently on a daily basis, and in the most beautiful way possible. Our main motivation is to be there with you, today.

This difference, wanting to engage with you, to act in the present, is at the center of our relationship with you.

Let’s talk, exchange on the best ways in which we can help you and find new solutions together. We’ll make today a new day, a unique day.

With you,


Why VitrineMedia ?

Because VitrineMedia’s success rests first and foremost on the unwavering quality of our service and our clients’ satisfaction. We make it a point to offer you products and services which speak to the needs of your field.

VitrineMedia launched its’ first LED display panel 7 years ago in France, since then, numerous models have seen the light, as well as: a unique and patented installation system, an online editing service, and many more exclusive offers which have enabled over 40,000 real estate agencies in the world to better communicate locally.

Today VitrineMedia goes even further and revolutionises the market once more thanks to the MyVitrineMedia online solution, allowing you to easily and efficiently manage all of your communication. You can now access a global communication tool for your agency, whether for your indoor spaces with our range of furniture and printing services, or for your window display via our new lit and dynamic displays or our online tools.

Our commitment allows you to give your very best.

Daily innovation

Innovation is one of the fundamentals of the VitrineMedia philosophy. Created from a revolutionary idea – the LED display panel – VitrineMedia is constantly fueled by the desire and passion to bring you irreproachable products with advanced technology. Our Research and Development department regularly brings improvements at different levels: simple to install, ergonomic, durable, luminous…

Intensity and Performance

Light is an essential element of our day. It’s based on this concept that VitrineMedia developed a range of LED display panel with the strongest and most reliable light intensity on the market.

A window display in your image

Our clients are constantly looking for originality and innovation to stand out. Your display panel is a reflection of your company and your brand. Throughout VitrineMedia offers communication tools matching your identity and in a format aligned with your marketing strategy.


Beyond our standard range, VitrineMedia can offer you customized products from inception of the prototypes to the manufacturing and its installation in your retail point. Control over the entire production process allows us to support our clients throughout the management of a large project featuring large product quantities.

Responsible technology

In accordance with European and international standards, we manufacture certified, reliable and durable products. Similarly, we make all our efforts to reduce the quantity of dangerous materials contained in our products, in line with requirements of the European RoHS guidelines. Our goal is to offer display panels which stay lit for longer while consuming less energy.

Quality infrastructure

Opening of the new 1600m² logistics center in Senlis to meet the company’s growing demand and set-up high quality services for our clients.