VM Cable Range

The cable suspended lit display panels are VitrineMedias’ signature products and specialty. Innovation, quality along with the evolution of this solution is what make VitrineMedia the market leader.

  • NEW I MAX : Contrast and refinement for your store window communication . Choose its orientation and / or degree of inclination for a unique showcase.

  • Specially designed for the world of finance, VM Bank combines both design and efficiency for a communication adapted to the requirements of your profession.

  • Brighten your window display with the sleek and modern design of the DOUBLE C2 MAX. Interested ? Download the product sheet

  • VM LIGHT Display

  • Interested by this product? Contact us

  • The VM ONE display stand Interested ? Download the product sheet

  • Oganise and make your window displays more dynamic thanks to the column header. Interested ? Download the product sheet

  • The affordable solution: the best value for money option on the market, VM TWO will continue to impress you with it's easy use and seemless design. Interested ? Download the product sheet

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